Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Ideas and Treatment of Music Video Production

Even though do you know or have a clear idea of what it means?  The word 'treatment' will still be familiar to you. No question that it comes around a lot in the creative industries.

Normally a client can get many treatments as proposal, and he can choose one that he likes or choose. If you are the only one setting up for business, you would have two or more than two variants of the treatment for giving the client some options. It is a creative on a document so that it has a clear concept and a precise summary.

You present a treatment:-

Different ways might be to communicate ideas, and how they are understood, there are also different ways. Writing a treatment for your client, it makes it that much easier for client for getting understanding your thoughts or ideas and what you would like to do with them. Even though they can't get the idea or thought of how it's planned out in your mind, it still makes sense. Try for having all the relevant information in your treatment. You don't want your client to hold you to it when you bring in some creative belief later, do you? But don't overdo it because it's all about selling your idea after all.

Options for clients or Competition for you:-

It’s a competition for you, when you send the treatments to your client because there are many others sending in their treatment and its options for him; as simple as that.

Normally it's a good idea or thought to provide three different treatments:–One simple, other technical and the third between the two. Ask different people to make the treatments just so you know what the client likes.

On the contrary, when competition is against others, you must play on your strengths. Chances are that the client comes to you because he had already seen and likes your past work. Now you wouldn't want to be too different, will you? Also, if you met the client in person, you'd normally   have an idea about their expectations, but if you are fortunate to meet one, you can easily learn about their likes and not.

Remember, it doesn't matter how well your written treatment is, but how good the idea is.

The making

The most important part of treatment is information because all who write it have different approaches. Normally, it's either of three – 

1. Video references, 
2. Textual breakdowns or 
3. Mood boards.

1. Video references: - it can let the client know of what he should expect as a final result. It can be inspired or influenced, but you do explain what exactly to look for in there - the lighting, the pace, the editing or something else. You can put two or more video references together to convince your point, as long as the client can understand it easily.

2. Textual break downs: - what will happen in the video, it is Textual break downs. You would use them when images can't make do. Some lyrics, an act or a (step by step) description may be in it. Something important here is your style and tone of writing is, it should match that of the video.

3. Mood boards: - This is a fun way to present your idea. Mood boards are a collection of images that would represent some relevant shots, colour schemes, places, costumes, etc. if designing a mood board then Layout is important. Just throwing images onto a sheet of paper will not make your layout stand out, so think it through carefully about how you want the client to feel your video.

An A4 sheet of paper written in Word or PowerPoint or a Photoshop document could be used for treatment of Music Video Production. It really doesn't matter how you do it, but what matters is the idea behind it and how clear it is. 

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