Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Shocking Facts About Wedding Photography Vs. Wedding Videography Production.

Marriage is the special event in one’s life. As soon as the marriage preparation starts, the first thing that comes to our in thought is the photography and videography production. Photography is done though in the past days. It is the only means by which one can keep in memory the best memories of their life.

Photography is the very much needed source than videography. Few people may even ignore videography but opt for photography due to money problem. Photography is the good way people used and still are using it in order to save the special day events but videography is used in now single time only.

Videography production plays a huge role in the now a day’s weddings. Due to advancement in modern technologies in editing videos, digital videos and digital music etc videography is said being the best documentation of weddings program.

Benefits on Wedding Videography vs. Photography:
  • Wedding oaths: Wedding oaths of our own voice on the marriage day can only be recorded by videography, whereas, in photography, Only picture can be taken but not the real voice.
  • Wedding ceremony: even in photography, only stills can be taken on the marriage events but on videography, an entire ceremony may be viewed with the audio, even after many years of the marriage.
  • Wedding dance: First wedding dance along with the partner can be seen back after many years only and only by videography but photography just take snap shots of the dance which does not brings back our full dancing memory.
  • Wedding toasts: wedding toasts provided by our friends, relatives in their real voice on our wedding may be watched back and may also be heard even after many years only in videography. Photography does not provide that effects and it could just provide the shots taken on that wedding.
  • Wedding humour: Many humorous programs happen on the wedding day in that time of the ceremony and while giving speech, vows, and etc mistakes happen and it takes a great humour which may not be enjoyed only by watching it, it would be good when you may watch and heard to it even after many years. This pleasure can be given only through videography.
  • Simple to carry: even videography is more enjoyable, it may not be seen by all. To watch videography it needs compulsory use of DVD players, TV, computer etc is required. Not everyone may afford to these compulsory things and so that several would not be interested to view it. Whereas photography is a simple thing to carry. It does not need any players or computers. Anybody may watch the shots taken in a wedding.
  • Internet sharing: In the now a day times, internet plays essential role. People have been sharing photos on the internet. It is simple to watch the shots on internet but whereas videos may also be uploaded but it takes a vital time to download and the full version may not be uploaded. But photos may be uploaded as much as you like.
So that photography and videography production both plays essential role in this modern generation and even both photography and videography have their own benefits and demerits but acts as a best means to recollect the marriage memories or any other important aspect that happened in our life.

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